Tent Measurements


when looking at area were tent will be place make sure there are no large trees or items that will not let tent fit.

* all tents need an additional 3' in all four directions in order to be safely staked down

*Party Pro Rental Center is  will not refund or credit tent orders if the customer measured the area or did not specify items that wont let the tent fit.

*Party Pro Rental Center is not responsible for any damages to sprinkler sytems or any other damages when staking down tent.



All walls come in sections of 8'x10' 


Now you can create your own rental order or add to your packet. 


If creating your own rental order:

If creating your own rental order (1) one delivery service must be choosen before check out. If you dont choose one you can pay the difference or get a refund with a 3% return fee.


If you are adding to packet:


The delivery service offered in packets covers any rental additions and no additonal delivery service is required.




  • Party Pro Rental Center, Inc has the right to cancel any order for any reason at any time.