40'x40'     canopy     $760

40'x45'     canopy     $900

40'x50'     canopy     $950

40'x55'     canopy     $100

40'x60'     canopy     $1140

40'x65'     canopy     $1200

40'x70'     canopy     $1333

40'x75'     canopy     $1300

40'x80'     canopy     $1520

40'x90'     canopy     $1725

40'x100'   canopy     $1900

40'x110'   canopy     $2100

40'x120'   canopy     $2300

40'x130'   canopy     $2500

40'x140'   canopy     $2700

40'x150'   canopy     $2900

40'x160'   canopy     $3100

40'x170'   canopy     $3500

40'x180'   canopy     $3800

40'x190'   canopy     $4100

40'x200'   canopy     $4300

***canopy does not include city permit's fee's  or asphalt/cement anchoring 

***canopies are water resistant not water proof

***prices are subject to change

40x90 canopy
40x90 canopy

tent indoors...what!!!

40x80 canopy tent
40x80 canopy tent

parking lot ready

40x40 tent
40x40 tent

school district parents of the year award

40x90 canopy
40x90 canopy

tent indoors...what!!!



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